About Lice Happens Connecticut

At Lice Happens, a mobile lice removal service in Connecticut, all of our highly trained specialists are subject matter experts when it comes to head lice removal and treatment. Our professional head lice treatment specialists not only end the cycle of lice but most importantly provide you with the education and hands on training needed to prevent future outbreaks.

Contact us 7 days a week for in-home head lice treatment and removal in Connecticut at 203.585.4258.

Our Lice Treatment Specialists have a passion for the head lice removal services we provide and respect that it’s your hard-earned money paying for our services. Our Specialists also understand that head lice is always an unexpected expense (which usually comes at the most inopportune time!) and will not take advantage of your wallet nor your frazzled state-of-mind!

Our Specialists will quickly and accurately screen all family members then treat those affected efficiently and thoroughly with our pesticide free, eco-friendly lice treatment products. All the while, our Lice Treatment Specialists will educate and train you so you can actually prevent future infestations!

Lice Happens calm, soothing, and kid-friendly approach makes the experience a pleasant one for you and your child. Read some of our local lice removal success stories.


lice treatment specialist denese

My passion for helping people and bringing joy into their lives led me into a satisfying career as an independent Travel Consultant, and now into my new venture as a Lice Treatment Specialist. When I learned about the services of Lice Happens, I couldn’t help but be drawn to this company in a desire to provide their services to families in Fairfield County, Connecticut.